Performance-driven learning

We know that, ultimately, you need your learning solution to enhance performance. So, in crafting the right blend for you, we keep the end goal in mind.

Learning and content strategies

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a blueprint for learning. We carefully consider the business landscape, the environment and the learner before recommending an approach for achieving specific learning objectives. We are well positioned to support you in developing a content strategy including the creation, maintenance, publication and governance of content across the organisation. We work with you to ensure that your organisation has well-structured, useful and easy to find content.

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We offer you solutions that combine a variety of synergistic and engaging delivery methods. These might include face-to-face or classroom-style training, e-learning and social learning. Because we work closely with you to determine what your need is and what your available resources are, we create custom blended-learning solutions that address your unique challenges.

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After working with you on a needs analysis, we may determine that the most appropriate solution for a particular business challenge is e-learning. Our talented instructional designers will work to create an engaging e-learning solution that conveys information in the most absorbing and effective way. We use a variety of media in our e-learning courses including video, animation, audio and infographics.

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Performance support tools

If you have a document that no one understands, a process that’s difficult to follow, or a software application that people are struggling to use, perhaps training isn’t the best solution. If your employees need information at the point of need, a performance support tool or PST may be more appropriate. PSTs provide enough information to enable people to apply problem-solving skills to resolve a real-time issue. PSTs are the quintessence of just-in-time learning.

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Change management and communication

Even the best solutions can fail upon implementation if the end users, stakeholders and others aren’t brought on board. Our team is skilled at managing change in a way that allows people to cope with it effectively and with minimal disruption. A critical element of the change management process is communication. We work closely with you to raise the level of understanding and acceptance within your organisation, using different platforms and different media to communicate the message.

How can Ceed assist?

Our team partners with you to design blended learning solutions that are highly relevant, performance centric and personalised. This includes consulting on innovative learning strategies, the creative blend of classroom and online learning, customised e-learning, mobile learning, video learning, gamification and performance support tools. In addition, we address the change management element of new interventions.

We also offer a Blended-Learning MasterClass Programme that will assist you to hone your analysis, design and development skills.

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Become a blended-learning ninja!

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