Our clients benefit from the research, innovative design tools and world-class learning experience platforms that we have access to.

Leadership development

Connemara has been transforming organisations through the careful design and facilitation of experiential leadership development programmes for 25 years. Connemara is a shareholder in Ceed Learning. We have been their digital learning partner for the past five years, designing blended learning solutions that increase productivity, keep people relevant and improve business success. 


NLI is a global research firm building a new science for leadership development. Research tells us that people learn in chunks and they learn more and better when there is time and space to reflect. Ceed Learning works with NLI Corporate Services South Africa to design microlearning, with multiple touch points, to support and sustain learning at scale.


Headlight Multimedia Studios specialise in creating engaging digital content. The team has been Ceed Learning’s digital learning partner since 2014. Together we have created in the region of 5 000 digital assets ranging from graphics, animations, interactive PDFs and videos to e-Learning, performance support tools and websites.


Axonify’s microlearning platform enables organisations to ingrain knowledge, change team behaviour and measure results. We have an alliance with The Networking Company as the content partner for Axonify in SA. We help clients to identify the required performance outcomes and then design key learning points and questions to drive behaviour change.

Lifelong learning

Degreed is a lifelong learning platform for pioneers! It provides a better, smarter, faster way to develop and measure your team’s skills, so your business can always stay ready for the future. With Ceed as the digital learning specialists and Degreed as the platform provider, we are working together to help people to build the skills they need to invent the future.


GO1 provides an easy to use mobile learning management platform that provides access to a marketplace of 1 000+ off-the-shelf courses on compliance, sales and professional development. It also enables organisations to create their own custom learning solutions, assessments and quizzes.  If you want an analogy, think Spotify for corporate training. 


Modularity are leaders in the field of solution, program, business and enterprise architecture. They enable organisations to visualise, plan and execute strategy using a simple but powerful digital matrix known as Scientrix. Ceed instantly recognised the power of the matrix to capture a digital learning strategy and to design integrated learning solutions.


Squadify is a team performance platform that helps to uncover ways to create a workplace that enhances employee motivation, performance and well-being.
Squadify enables us to support our clients through the use of data to have the right conversations and to focus their efforts on the right areas of development to drive performance.

Learning design

Learning Battle Cards provides a game-based solution that guides the discovery, planning, ideation and prototyping of learning solutions. At Ceed we incorporate LBCs in our blended learning design masterclasses and as part of our design thinking sessions at the start of our projects. We have been appointed as the distributor of LBCs in SA. 

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