Our highly skilled team of instructional designers

Our vision is to be a leader in shaping the future of digital learning in emerging markets

We are a fast-growing, multi-discipline company in the blending-learning space, delivering a wide array of business and performance-driven solutions.

The Ceed team is made up of experienced, exceptionally skilled, creative instructional designers for whom learning is imperative. While a passion for learning is critical to what we do, it’s the care we demonstrate that sets us apart from others in the industry.

Meet our core team

We partner with like-minded professionals both at an organisational and individual level

During 2013, in response to clients’ needs, Connemara established Ceed Learning as a joint venture to leverage technology and provide blended learning solutions to our clients.

Our partnering mindset has enabled us to build a solid network of highly skilled instructional designers who have become an integral part of our team.

Our partnerships enable us to access global learning and development solutions such as Insights Discovery and Team Effectivenessand global research in neuroscience.

NeuroLeadership institute is a global research firm building a new science for leadership development. NLI find and share breakthroughs in neuroscience that transform leadership effectiveness.