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We partner with clients to design learning solutions that address the needs of the digital workforce.

Learning strategies
Learning strategies

Craft digital learning strategies and skills plans for employees, based on a mix of curated and created content.

Digital learning
Digital learning

E-Learning, blended-learning, micro-learning, explainer videos, animations, performance support tools and Chatbots.

Change management
Change management

Develop impactful launch communication and re-engagement messages through a wide range of digital channels.


Enable an integrated learning experience by aggregating learning in one place and supplying analytics across systems.

Capacity building
Capacity building

Facilitate design workshops and access tools to sketch out your learning design ideas and develop impactful solutions.

Learning as a service
Learning as a service

Experienced resources work onsite to design appropriate learning solutions and measure the traction and impact thereof.


We offer the following resources to our clients to support them with their design.

Instructional design toolkit

We have curated a toolkit to guide the design and development of blended learning solutions.

Learning battle cards

We provide access to a framework and tools to introduce design thinking into the learning design process.

Blended learning essentials

This workshop aims to equip novice designers with the basic skills required to design blended learning solutions.



Blended learning masterclass

Our Masterclass is targeted at learning consultants responsible for the design and development of blended-learning programmes.

Digital tools

Design learning paths on Degreed, digitise storyboards in Articulate, deliver reinforcement through Axonify and get the most out of Moodle.


We coach, guide and assist our clients to create impactful solutions.

Clients we currently support