Axonify Ceed Announcement

Axonify and Ceed Learning joint announcement!

A powerful way to enable your frontline and put them first!

When people, the face of your business, have the skills and knowledge they need, the impact is clear: 

• Safer workplaces, 

• Happier customers, 

• Fewer errors and 

• Higher performance. 

However, the traditional approach to training doesn’t meet the needs of these on-the-go employees.

We’re pleased to partner with Axonify to deliver modern learning that works the way your frontline does. Designed to engage your workforce and get them doing the right things, Axonify delivers fun, fast, personalised learning that fits in the flow of work.

As a team, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering learning solutions that accelerate performance and create lasting, measurable business impact. Now, as an official partner of Axonify in Africa and Mauritius, we’re bringing you a 100% frontline-focused learning solution that changes behaviours in all the right ways – driving the business results you care about most. 

Kershia Naidoo

Kershia Naidoo

Senior Learning Technologist

Published January, 2022 at 8:00 AM