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Micro-learning: learning just-in-time

Micro-learning; blended learning; 70:20:10; mobile learning. Buzzwords and trends abound in our industry – some fizzle out, others gain traction and stay. The latest trend is to develop micro-learning: small snippets of information that can be digested in just 2-5 minutes.

Current trends in learning

Human performance research, neuroscience, and ongoing technological advances mean that the learning industry is an ever-changing, ever-improving one that we need to stay on top of.

Blog June 13

Neuroscience and learning

The field of neuroscience offers us a new way of thinking about learning design. When we learn something new, the physical structure of the brain changes and results in its reorganisation. Learning is always happening – consciously and unconsciously.

Blog 3 June

Learning trends

We’ve been exceptionally busy at Ceed Learning attending various conferences in the learning industry, and have learnt some incredibly exciting things that we feel we must share! We’ve learnt about creating rich eLearning experiences, MOOCs, and of course more about how relevant blended learning is in the general learning landscape.

Blog 30 May

Once-upon-a-time stories were told in learning

And the storytelling began: Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a family of hard workers who sought to learn new skills. And they lived happily ever after.

Blog 4 May

Instructional designers don’t know what looks good

Many of us are making the switch from writing storyboards only to developing them into functional courses. The need for some concept of what looks good, while facilitating the transfer of knowledge, has become more pressing.

Blog 25 April

Connectivism in learning

The team at Ceed Learning is curious. Curious about people, technology, society at large and the interconnectedness of being human. Currently we are exploring the concept of personal learning networks (PLNs) and how this phenomenon facilitates learning.

Blog April 18

Learning professionals rely on informal learning

Learning professionals know that keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the age of digital learning is challenging. We understand the need to adopt the latest research into how adults learn and how technology can enable and support the learning process, but we’re often overwhelmed with the constant flow of new and exciting information.

Blog April 18

Beyond blended: 70:20:10

According to informal learning guru, Jay Cross, most learning in organisations takes place informally and yet most organisations spend the majority of their learning budgets on formal learning courses. Informal learning is nothing new, people have been learning from their colleagues and on-the-job long before the social media revolution began, but now, with social media so prolific, informal learning has come under the spotlight.

Blog 28 October

m-Learning: where is it taking us?

More and more learning providers (and even some non-learning companies) are offering m-Learning (mobile learning) as a solution to learning needs in organisations. Because this is a relatively new area in learning, and it’s become a bit of a buzz word that clients seem to have caught on to, there are a number of different definitions for m-Learning.

Blog 18 December

When learning and development aligns with business

We have had an incredibly successful year in 2015! We have gained partnerships, not just clients. We have created business-relevant solutions, not just learning activities. At the root of our success is our desire, and ability, to develop relationships with business and L&D, in the interests of addressing employees’ development and performance needs. This partnering is in alignment with recommendations from Bersin by Deloitte. In 2016, we look forward to further developing our capability in this regard.

Blog 12 January

Make your workshops work

We recently facilitated what was meant to be a once-off workshop for a big client on The Art of Consulting. It was a one-day workshop, away from the client’s office – in a safe, neutral environment – that allowed the delegates to open up and discuss issues confidently and without fear of recrimination. And it was a huge success!

Blog 13 October

Business coaching versus corporate life-coaching

A little while ago Connemara invited clients to join us for breakfast and a talk by business coaching expert, Marc Kahn. Marc spoke to us about ‘Coaching on the Axis’ – his book about business coaching. It was such an educational morning – we learnt a lot, as did our clients who asked interesting questions and made some really good observations, too. We thought we’d take a little of what we learnt from Marc and share it with you.

Blog 18 August

Mobile learning: pros and cons

With more than seven billion mobile devices being used worldwide (www.wearesocial.net), 271 million monthly active Twitter users, 78% of whom are on mobile (www.Twitter.com), 1,28 billion monthly active Facebook users, 70 million people on Pinterest and 200 million on Instagram, it’s no wonder mobile learning has become quite the buzz word in the learning industry! In fact, it’s a little surprising that mobile hasn’t boomed already.

Blog 3 March

Open Badges Group

Our second badges breakfast held at the GIBS Innovation Centre was well attended and a great debate led us to agree to establish a working group.

Blog 17 February

The learning agenda that delivers results

At Ceed Learning, we believe that serious designers of blended learning spend as much time on research in order to understand the business and learning context as they do on developing the solution. This results in blended learning programmes that participants find easy to engage with and drive business results.

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