Ceed’s first webinar

Ceed's first webinar - the Ceed Team

Why the big fuss over user experience?

As specialists in blended learning, we’ve run capacity building workshops for our clients nearly every year since our inception. 

Each run has always included an element of virtual collaboration (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, sometimes using multiple technologies, and sometimes in different contexts). No matter the audience, we are guaranteed to meet the occasional sigh of frustration when technology just doesn’t do what it should. What we’ve learnt, however, is that it always does what it needs to – it starts a conversation about user experience. 

In this post, we share eight simple ideas that can help you create a virtual experience that your audience will love.

1. Two heads are better than one

Kershia Naidoo

Kershia Naidoo

Senior Learning Technologist

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