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Every organisation, no matter the size, needs to engage employees in online learning occasionally or continually. Whether your people need to develop their skills or learn about critical business processes, learning should never be a spectator sport. 

Successful classroom training usually involves high levels of inclusion, collaboration, and engagement among participants. Getting this winning formula to work online requires the right tools.

Customise your rooms

Adapt the design of each room according to your corporate identity or classroom theme by uploading background images. Add your logo to create the sense of belonging found in a classroom.

Showcase your content and interact

Switch easily between presentations, videos, images or a webcam to add create a sense of progression and movement. Participants can raise their hands to talk, an you can run Q&A sessions using the room chat function.

Prepare rooms and content ahead of time

Upload all your classroom content ahead of your session: documents, presentations, videos and images. Find them again in your library each time you connect. Eliminate the need for screensharing and free up bandwidth for a seamless experience.

Setup highly interactive breakout rooms and tracks

All users in a room are represented by a bubble, gathered around a virtual table. Users can move their bubble to different breakout rooms and tracks to work together on group projects and activities. They can turn on webcams, have voice discussions, upload their own content and chat.

Glowbl is the only digital solution that visually simulates a group of people and their interaction in the real world. Its unique virtual classroom interface and functionality help people feel more connected online than ever. 

With Glowbl’s unique, simple interface and security measures, participants find their bearings quickly in a familiar online environment. They are protected from data theft or intrusion and benefit from a GDPR compliant SaaS solution.
With an interface that considers group behaviour and interactions, participants can experience the dynamics of a live classroom. They can physically move to, join, and contribute in smaller private groups allowing them to work collaboratively in teams.
Glowbl’s human-centred design and functionality helps participants and trainers/facilitators build relationships through socialisation while having fun. Facilitators have tools at their fingertips to evaluate their contribution to the classroom experience.
The online experience becomes a tangible one. Participants can feel the presence of others through always-visible avatar bubbles. With supporting functionality, they can interact directly with content when they need to and move around their virtual space and breakout rooms freely.
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Your virtual training can achieve the outcomes that your business needs. Let us show you how Glowbl makes a difference.

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