A fresh approach to #NQF aligned skills development

Today, a competent employee is not good enough. To remain competitive and agile, we need highly skilled individuals who:

Communicate professionally, efficiently and with purpose

Manage conflict constructively enabling innovation, creativity and team effectiveness

Write proficiently, skillfully and strategically

Create, manage and work within goal-oriented, motivated teams

We offer customisable unit standard-aligned courses which cover these critical management skills and are designed to take your people and organisation to the next level.

The courses include a blend of interactive e-Learning modules which provide flexible learning, on-demand. They contain common workplace scenarios, rich multimedia experiences, hands-on activities and real-life examples which make the learning engaging, practical and valuable to your business.

The learner is supported and guided throughout the learning journey and their progress is evaluated using a formative assessment or quiz at the end of the course. To determine competence, the learner will put together a portfolio of evidence detailing how they have applied the learning to their workplace.

Once competent, learners receive credits towards a qualification in Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management (SAQA ID 57712) or National Certificate: Generic Management (SAQA ID 59201).

If NQF is new to you, watch the video below

Examples of courses and their NQF alignment

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Take a look at how Tracker piloted a blended-learning #NQF aligned programme for their employees:

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