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Video and Animations

Storyline Demos

Client: Oxfam

Client: SARB

Client: Standard Bank

Rise Demos

Client: Standard Bank

Project: MTN Webinar Framework

Client: DEDAT

Project: Operational Risk

Client: Old Mutual

Project: HCBP Learning Pathways

Promotional Material


Client: Standard Bank


Client: Standard Bank


Client: MTN

Performance Support Tools


Client: Standard Bank

Standard Bank Group identified the need to design and develop system simulations to support the upgrade of their existing Learning Management System. 13 Help File simulations / videos were created to display the system functionality to end users and their line managers. The simulations ranged between one and three minutes each.

Moodle LMS

Digital Tools


Chatbots allow people to talk to machines in their own language on chat platforms, apps or standalone sites. It gives people access to relevant information when they need it, helping them to perform the task at hand.

Chatbots, through their intuition, anticipation of trends and provision of familiar interaction patterns provide 24/7 customer support. This allows users to engage with your product or service all day, every day.

Ceed's e-Learning APP

The App gives learners the opportunity to learn on the go. It contains a Dashboard which shows the learners an overview of their learning activity. The App lists available learning courses with assessments. The assessments are trackable, and a pass rate can be set. There is also a discussion forum where learners and administrators can collaborate and chat about their learning. The App can be customised to suit your needs.

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