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Our top influencers

Clive Shepherd

Clive Shepherd is an experienced consultant and the author of the impressive book More than Blended Learning. He challenges learning experience designers to think beyond the traditional blended-learning sandwich and instead to think end-to-end.

Jay Cross

Jay has been credited as the person who came up with the term eLearning. Jay has also been a driving force for the emergence of informal learning as a valid area of interest in our field.

George Siemens

George pioneered MOOCs, is the originator of Connectivism theory – learning for the digital age and highlights the importance of personal learning networks (PLNs).

Charles Jennings

Charles is a leader in helping organisations develop and deploy solutions based on the 70:20:10 framework.

Calhoun Wick, Roy Pollock and Andrew Jefferson

These three authors wrote the best-selling book,The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning. They go beyond ADDIE to apply the best practices of world-class companies to increase the value of learning and development.

Julie Dirksen

Julie is known for her work on usability in eLearning and has writtenDesign for How People Learn, a guide to better learning design.

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