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Building the foundation to create opportunities for businesses and citizens to grow the economy and employment.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism’s (DEDAT’s) vision is a Western Cape that has a vibrant, innovative, and sustainable economy, characterised by growth, employment and equitable opportunities, and built on the full potential of all.

DEDAT’s aim is to equip unemployed citizens in rural areas with digital skills. This will empower them to become more employable or start their own business and contribute to the economic development in their communities.

Our team is supporting DEDAT in implementing the I-CAN Learn project which will address the implications of the ‘digital divide’ in the Western Cape. We designed a blended learning programme to teach librarians and facilitators in local communities to assess people’s level of digital competence, to teach basic digital skills and to apply for jobs online.

We have partnered with DEDAT for a three-year period to:
Develop learning content and tools,
Deliver training, and
Manage and support librarians and digital skills learning facilitators based at various I-CAN Learn sites within the Western Cape.

Here's what our client had to say

During the period that we have worked with Ceed, they have effectively delivered at all levels, including project management, learning content design, media development and digitisation.

Furthermore, the team has been responsive to our needs as the client and due to the nature of the project, has demonstrated agility, creativity and an ever-present readiness to solve the problems that the work presented.

- Olivia Dyers
Director: Digital Economy
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