The learning agenda that delivers results

At Ceed Learning, we believe that serious designers of blended learning spend as much time on research in order to understand the business and learning context as they do on developing the solution. This results in blended learning programmes that participants find easy to engage with and drive business results. Through this blog we will highlight principles and examples of successful blended learning programmes that we are taking notice of and learning from. We will also highlight ongoing research in the field and welcome any posts to our social media sites.

The first study that I’d like to reference is The New Learning Agenda. It looks at trends in the use and implementation of learning technologies in the workplace. Of particular interest to us is the Towards Maturity Model which has been used for the last 10 years to track how the learning process and function is evolving, as well as lessons to be learned from top learning organisations. This study shows that learning professionals and business leaders still need to move beyond a focus on delivering discreet events – be they face-to-face or online – and consider instead how to support a continual learning process that builds confidence and capability of workers and improves business results. According to Laura Overton (MD, Towards Maturity), it is no longer about the course, the model of learning or the technology – it is about the results.

Interesting facts from The Towards

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Maturity 2013 – 2014 Benchmark study:

The full research is available at