Our vision is to deliver learning for a changing world, and to make it effortless.

We recently celebrated our 8th year anniversary. Our success is due to carefully listening to our clients’ needs, working closely with them to get the best from the project and making sure that all our solutions achieve the desired outcomes.

We like to think of ourselves as learning design artisans – selecting the very best ingredients, carefully mixing them together, hand-shaping them and arranging them perfectly.

We are also enthusiastic users of digital learning toolsOur goal is to help our clients realise business value by merging learning with technology in creative and effective ways.


Bernadine Sprighton

Co-Founder and Strategy Consultant

M.Ed (Computer-assisted Learning)

Bernadine co-founded Ceed Learning with Connemara in 2013 and now guides the company’s strategic direction and supports clients to develop their digital learning strategies.

The team describes her as ‪#‎motherofdragonsandbreakerofchains‬ and ‬‬‬‬‬‬ gardener-in-chief. Outside of work she enjoys yoga, scuba diving, canoeing and walking on the beach.

Kershia Naidoo

Senior Learning Technologist

BA. Journalism

Kershia joined the team in 2015. She deconstructs and reimagines technology and infrastructure in the client space to support the digital delivery of learning. Her interest in consulting is founded on supporting organisations as they look ahead and help their people thrive in the now while preparing for the next.

The team describes her as a self-confessed technology geek and team player. Outside of work, she loves tinkering with apps, exploring the possibilities of a world gone digital, and learning Korean.

Annecke Sydow

Creative Lead

BEd Senior and FET

Annecke is an avid and budding Learning Experience Designer and Digital Learning Specialist. She is passionate about driving her personal growth and inspiring and empowering others through learning that ripples into behaviour change. She aims to deliver unique, feasible and fit-to-purpose learning solutions to suit her clients' needs.

Annecke enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing various creative endeavours outside of work

Lenka Strick

Business Development Executive

Cert PMP, TTT and Assessor (ETDP Seta)

Lenka’s 16+ years of training experience spans across multiple industries and scales of businesses. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Lenka’s roles included Director and CEO of other leading training companies with a specific passion for innovation, enabling technologies and digital learning platforms.

Lenka is a pillar and a rock. She is also a reed – flexible to lean into the wind and to be an instrument for music and joy.


We have amazing clients that have invited us to co-design learning solutions to improve business performance.

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