Story – Tsogo Sun


Elegantly designing the framework for a productive learning culture where every experience is a learning opportunity and learning is accessible to all employees.


The largest listed hotel and tourism company in South Africa with about 20 000 employees.

To rethink the current learning strategy in line with digital learning trends and new opportunities.

Designed an innovative framework which outlines opportunities for implementing a modern approach to learning.

We facilitated a series of thinking sessions to formulate the framework for a new digitally-enabled learning strategy for Tsogo Sun. Using Scientrix, a strategy software for strategy design and execution, we were able to structure our thinking in a matrix grid, making it easier to connect and share strategic goals and plan for, and manage, execution.
Here's what our client had to say

I really enjoy working with the Ceed team as they are flexible, supportive and so willing to engage and share learnings – a real delight.

- Karen Borain
Training and Development Manager Tsogo Sun Academy
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